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Conform displacements along mesh

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Hi! I'm trying to replicate the original mesh which is currently a mountain.
At first I tried to conform to the usual meshes, and it worked.

But with displacements it doesn't work at all. So I'm wondering how I could solve this issue

I don't know what else could make the displacements repeat the shape of the original mesh, so I really need your help. Thanks

Tried conform brush. So far, this is one way out

Another one question - how can I solve the issue related to memory allocation when displacement commit? I have 8 GB of RAM and 3ds max can easily allocate 6 GB, and then can successfully crash

The main problem you had above is that the Conform Compound Object changes the geometry type of objects it's applied to and it also destroys the custom attributes that store the displacement data. As such, it isn't something you can use for displacements.

A more successful method would be to try this:

* Bake your target mesh into a heightmap.
* Add a Displace Modifier onto your Sculpt Mesh
* Use the height map on the displace modifier and adjust strength
As for the RAM issue, you may simply need to accept this high usage for full commits. Here are a few tips:

* To use less RAM/time, select polygons of sections of the sculpt you edited and then click the "Commit Selected Changes". This will only commit displacements belonging to selected sculpt faces and use less resources
* If your RAM is running out and not releasing, try entering this into the MAXScript listener:
--- Code: ---gc lite:false
--- End code ---

EDIT: One more tip: I suggest using the Displacement Floater instead of Anvil now for displacements. This is found under WW > WW Level Design > Launch Displacement Floater as well as the displacement looking icon in the new Level Design Toolbars.

I didn't know about the polygons commit. It could really help. I have a mesh that consists of 1800 displacements, and I still haven't been able to export it due of the huge RAM usage. Also thanks for the advice with displacement floater


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