Ability to save/load pre-set model&texture locations to drop-down list

Started by KevinLongtime, April 11, 2011, 12:11:00 AM

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Hey Shawn,

This feature isnt really NEEDED as it is already easy enough to type out the locations pretty quickly but it seems like it might be a handy feature to put in a later-on release if you get the time (yeah, i know what you are thinking - If you make this thing anymore easier to use, it might start making breakfast for you automatically too lol). But I find myself switching to different model/texture folder locations a lot depending on the project i jump to and need to repeatedly type in the new location if im doing a lot of models one after another for something other than the default paths i set. Since the default folder locations will only work for 1 place at a time, maybe some sort of droplist system next to the boxes "model folder path" and "material folder path" could remedy this where it could save what you have typed out as a quick fill in when you click it next from a drop down menu?

Again, this is only an extra luxury type feature and isnt really needed as we are already getting spoiled by your ease-of-use tool :)


Good idea. I'll certainly put it on the list of possible new features.


I'm pretty sure that I responded to this a long time ago... but the server crash last year probably lost that reply.

In any event, just to update this since there have been changes... this utility has been part of WW for a long time now :)

I'm certain you already know of this Kevin... but I'm posting here for the benefit of anyone else coming along.


Yeah, you definitely did and I appreciate it :)

BTW, when I did try out the newest version of the tool, I was surprised to see that the default paths pretty much are automatically setup too on a fresh install of the plugin which is a very nice feature in itself :) Glad you thought up that feature!

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