Can?t get collision hull to work

Started by xxthefryxx, March 11, 2020, 11:04:39 PM

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I imported half of a airplane from CS/GO, and cloned it so I could have a full plane. However when I try to turn a copy into a collision mesh, even using the hull helper, it doesn?t work and just makes a generic ?shrink wrapped? version. I tried using basic shapes and they worked fine, perhaps there?s a way for me to import the original collision mesh somehow from the .mdl and clone it? I?m pretty lost here as to what to do to make the collision mesh. Thanks!

Joris Ceoen

Do you have the latest version of Wall Worm installed (of which the Pro version is now entirely free!)? If so, importing the .mdl itself through the mdl importer or generating a wwmt helper through a prop_static entity will normally yield the original collision model of the prop. However, this collision model is often hidden by default or even hidden in a seperate layer, so make sure to unhide any hidden objects or layers that possibly contain the collision model. If this model didn't have a collision model to begin with, you'll obviously lack one even when importing properly into 3DS Max. If you're getting one large hull from the Hull Helper, it means that the object of the model is made out of one element (which you can check by going into Element mode, or pressing 5 on the keyboard for the shortcut when you've got the model/editable poly selected). If you want to create a hull that matches your model more accuratly, try seperating the object into multiple elements instead.

There are probably even better ways to generate a hull from the Hull Helper, but I don't remember all of them off the top of my head. If you prefer, you can create a copy of the imported model, and seperate it into multiple elements before actually generating a collision hull. In that case you don't need to break up the imported model and you can experiment more in case you need more accurate results.

More information can always be found here:

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