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WWMT Helper significantly slows down the FPS of the viewport

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Hello! i started to add props to my map when i realized that i just cant work anymore, my fps drops down to zero.
the way i am creating props -  Create Tab > Geometry > WallWorm > Source Mode l> import > then press Generate WWMT @ Origin > then making proxies though anvil tab and making instances
i found that every WWMT TEXT helper lowers fps to 50%
even when i reduce interpolation of the text to 0 my fps gets shrink by 5-10 fps
neither display as box option does not help.
When i delete them everything is OK, but how can my props be exported to source without WWMT helpers?
Thank you)

That is certainly not how it should work as we have scenes in Black Mesa that have hundreds of WWMT Helpers without an issue.

What version of WW and what version (and update version) of Max are you using? Also, how much System RAM and what Video Card do you have?

thanks for the reply,
Also my mouse sometimes starts flickering between normal/loading icon while i am using wallworm plugin.
it does not happen without using plugin

Thank you for the information. I will look into this tonight and test on 2019.3.

In the meantime, do you have access to 3ds Max 2020.3 ? That is the preferred/recommended version for using WW at this time.

just installed it yesterday) i will try to jump on it


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