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WWMT Helper significantly slows down the FPS of the viewport

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i have just reinstalled wallworm and checked my scene in 2020.3, everything is transfered properly but i still have this problem
looks like the problem is in my personal computer, before i was searching this issue through internet but couldn't find any help, or common things with other users

I cannot reproduce this on my computers. I will still try to investigate if there is some setting inside Max that might cause it.

Additional note about this: A WWMT Helper is actually just a Text shape with a piece of data attached to it in something called a Custom Attribute.

Can you see if adding simple Text shape objects into the scene replicates this for you?

it does:( i apologize for starting this topic without fully discovering the problem,
Thank you anyway:)
by the way when i convert text shape to editable poly everything is ok

Could u suggest any trick how can i scatter my props without helpers mb?
and before compile link those to proper WWMT helpers.


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