Author Topic: Wall Worm 5.0.42 Released  (Read 1633 times)


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Wall Worm 5.0.42 Released
« on: November 29, 2020, 12:32:26 pm »
Version 5.0.42 released on 11-29-2020

   * Entities: Updated the Entity function in Max 2019+ to force any entity with a parameter named "radius" to be stored as an integer and to include a new function to display that radius with a radius helper in the scene. Note that this change breaks compatibility with entities that have the type of a radius set to a string value.
   * Startup: Removed the notice about having recently updated Wall Worm.
   * Startup: Added information in MAXScript listener when starting Max to show startup impact time of Wall Worm.
   * WWMT: Updated the function for exporting MDL with the FBX option to use the Material name instead of the Bitmap filename.
   * WWMT: Updated the FBX export to honor Use Local Origin as World Origin if exporting a WWMT that meets these conditions: Has $staticprop turned on and only has one mesh assigned to model.
   * UI: Added backward-compatible support for newer versions of Max to properly resize rollouts when the command panel is resized.
   * CSGO: Fixed VMF Exporter not being able to launch game in CSGO with compiled map. Added these launch parameters that are now required to launch CSGO from outside of Steam:  -insecure -hijack
   * MACROS: Added a new macroscript that will try to get missing TGA files in scene from VPK; this is helpful when opening a scene from another user that has loaded VTFs into TGA files from the VPK but those TGA files are not on your current system. Only looks for missing TGA files that happen to be in a path that includes "sceneassets\images". Command to use: "" "FetchMissingTGAfromVTFinVPK"
   * Get Brush By ID: Fixed Get Brush By ID from causing a MAXScript error if a brush element of a concave brush is missing from the ID values embedded in it.