Wall Worm 5.0.107 Released

Started by wallworm, December 20, 2021, 01:55:34 PM

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Version 5.0.107 released on 12-20-2021

   * System: Updated the updater notification system inside Wall Worm to use proper versioning formats.
   * System: Fixed some startup errors with some older versions of Max.
   * WWMT: Fixed a MAXScript error when opening the WWMT floater after changing the default map channel in the global settings.
   * PropLine: Fixed the display of normals when using WallWormMDL nodes. This fix was added to 3ds Max 2020+.
   * PropLine: Updated the Create PropLine from Selection macro to not place an Edit Normals modifier onto the PropLine for 3ds Max 2020+ because the normals are now properly set for WallWormMDL nodes in the PropLine object.
   * CorVex: Fixed error is setting the Start segment larger than the number of segments in a spline.

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