Wall Worm 5.1.7 Released

Started by wallworm, January 15, 2022, 11:19:10 AM

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Version 5.1.7 released on 1-15-2022

   * WallWormMDL: Updated the function to set the materials on a WallWormMDL node to choose backface cull on the node based on the materials used in the MDL.
   * VMT Browser: Updated the function to apply materials to selected objects to set node backface culling; if the object has any materials with the Two Sided setting turned on ($nocull) then backface culling is turned off; otherwise turned on.
   * Entities: Updated Point Entity Floater to accurately set entity model and material when changing an entity from one entity type to another.
   * Entities: Updated Point Entity Floater to always set the material on placed models. Previously, the materials would often not get set/displayed immediately.
   * Entities: Updated Point Entity Floater to set entities without a model or studio property to be non-renderable upon entity assignment. This allows the user to make a render of the scene without having to hide the entities.
   * Displacements: Fixed sculpt mesh Material Assing function in modify tab causing MAXScript error if the sculpt mesh has modifiers.

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