Wall Worm 5.1.28 Released

Started by wallworm, May 21, 2022, 07:21:07 PM

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Version 5.1.28 released on 5-21-2022

   * CorVex: Fixed MAXScript error loading some older scenes with specific spline setups.
   * QC Importer: Fixed MAXScript error that happened from too many time tags being generated in rare situations.
   * Parse BSP Log: Added check for Bad Surface Extents that will create a spline along bad surface to highlight the problem. The splines are placed into a layer named "Bad Surfaces Layer".
   * VMF Exporter: Updated the batch file writer to output a cleaner compile batch.
   * VMF Exporter: Fixed the last_compile_.log file to work even when outputting to the console.
   * Compile Tools: Fixed MAXScript error in the Load Leak File function if the leak file exists but is empty.

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