Wall Worm 5.9.3 Released

Started by wallworm, May 06, 2023, 10:12:10 AM

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Version 5.9.3 released on 5-4-2023

* Installer: Updated installation application to utilize the PluginPackage system from Autodesk. 3ds Max 2022+ will utilize the PluginPackage system. Older versions still use Plugins.UserSettings.ini to set plugin paths.
* Plugins: Fixed the installer missing WallWorm.Helpers.dll for 3ds Max 2024 that was causing several WW Pro enhancements not working.

* CorVexSpline: Added new parameter to keep the meaning of top/bottom consistent regardless of whether the target CorVex nodes have positive or negative height values.
* Alpha Spec: Fixed a MAXScript error when loading some texture setups.
* Alpha Spec: Added support to copy Opacity Map into another map's alpha channel.


Thanks to Ethan Olson, Matt Young, TerreSouris and WormSlayer from WW Discord for helping test the new installation updates. The main difference in this installer is that it's using Autodesk's ApplicationPlugins method for loading into Max for 3ds Max 2022+. For Max 2021+ the installer is no longer copying VTFLib.dll to the Max root folders but instead is loading from the WW installation via the System PATH.

The new installation method means that resetting your 3ds Max user settings folder won't uninstall WW anymore (in Max 2022+).

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