Not all submodels are imported with mdl importer

Started by vaqxai, June 05, 2023, 07:16:53 PM

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for this model some submodels are just empty:

idk why, and i also cant import it with "full mdl to wwmt" because elements just fly all over the place?
its also not a set index like 2 or something, some submodels work for e.g. 1-4, and others for 1-2 only? idk what is the problem :X



Something very interesting I found is that when changing other bodygroups' submodels, it gets correctly changed? this is 99% a software issue


The two conflicting bodygroups are called "helmet" and "helmet antenna" specifically, is it an issue with the space character being there?


Sorry I was on vacation for a while and got behind on answering emails and posts.

I suspect you are right about the space. The parser for QC files is not perfect and was built with a lot of assumptions about file structures and formatting. I would try to change the space to an underscore in the QC file and then import, and if you need to space, reapply in the scene after import.

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