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Started by wallworm, October 15, 2023, 10:43:48 AM

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I wanted to give everyone a heads up on where I am with Wall Worm in Source 2 along with a general roadmap.

First, I've planned on doing Source 2 for years, but I never felt the need yet because of limited games and documentation. CS2 forced my hand on the issue to a degree.

First, expectations. Although I am passionate about WW and maintaining it, the reality is that the amount of time I have for developing WW these days is relegated to the weekends. And truthfully, I often don't want to be at a computer on weekends. So it's really down to when I feel inspired.

Where I am with S2:

Right now I have tools to export WWMT to DMX and VMDL. The support is currently limited to creating a simple VMDL document that will reference the main meshes and collision hulls. My intent is to make WWMT functionality as robust for S2 as S1 but it will take some time.

Once I get enough personal testing of the current VMDL Export with mesh and hulls, I'll release it for testing.

VMDL Export support

  • CVMeshList from WWMT Meshes
  • CVphysicsMeshList from WWMT Collision Hulls
  • Basic settings in Mesh/Hull data from WWMT


  • Animation Sequences
  • BodyGroups
  • LODs
  • Morphs

VMAT Export support

I have not yet started on this. Since my understanding is that S2 is PBR, I might be able to simplify the material authoring with the PBR material that ships with Max.

VMAP Export support

I have looked at the VMAP format briefly and I understand it's a version of DMX. Hopefully I can get that done sometime in 2024.

VMDL Loader

Loading VMDL into Max like the MDL Loader is high on my priority but I would not expect it before the end of 2024.

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