Wall Worm 6.0 Released with Source 2 Support

Started by wallworm, March 02, 2024, 05:49:55 PM

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This is the first public release of Wall Worm with Source 2 support. Support is limited to Counter-Strike 2 version of Source 2 formats. Many features are still missing. To export WWMT and Materials to S2, you need to set your game's global settings to Source 2 engine.

Some info on features included on docs site here and here are instructions on setting up for S2.

Below are release highlights.

Version 6.0.0 released on 3-2-2024

   * Engine: Added Source 2 Engine support into several key areas of Wall Worm. Source 2 formats compatible with Counter-Strike 2.
   * WWMT: Added support for WWMT to export to VMDL format when the settings are configured for CS2 format of Source 2. Current features supported: Mesh, Hull, LODS, Materials, Textures, Sequences, Skins, Bodygroups,  Attachments and Breakable Gibs.
   * Entities: Added support for Source 2 FGD format in Max 2022+. MAXScript FGD parser does not support Source 2 format.
   * Materials: Added support for the PBR Material (PBRMetalRough) in Wall Worm. For Source, native support is for base_color_map and normal_map. For Source 2, all maps are supported.
   * VMAT: Added support for creating Source 2 materials. Currently limited to shader "csgo_simple.vfx".
   * VMAP: Added limited support to export an ASCII VMAP file. Currently only exports entities. The Mesh export is working except for normals.

   * System: Fixed Source compiler problems in many areas of Wall Worm from recent changes in Windows.
   * Settings: Updated the settings to automatically try to create missing folders if the settings define them but the folders do not exist.
   * Settings: Added new button to open the Wall Worm settings folder in Windows Explorer.
   * Settings: Updated the Create Local GameInfo function to get game paths from mount.cfg when creating a new gameinfo.txt file from Garry's Mod.
   * Entities: Updated FGD parser in 3ds Max 2022+ to set float spinners to default value of 0 if the FGD provides an empty default value for floats. Fixes malformed FGD issues.
   Entities: Updated the link buttons in entities pointing to WallWorm.com and the Valve Developer community to buttons that call a method to open the browser rather than using the Hyperlink control. This alleviates the security warning that happens when using the ShellLaunch() command in embedded scripts as the entity custom attributes are embedded in scenes.
   * Materials: Updated Material Exporter to exclude some common tool materials from the export list so that the exporter UI is less cluttered.

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