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Modular Bridge(outdoors collection)

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Sir Irk:
Still working out the kinks

Edit: A shed I'm working on as well.

Edit 2: And an axe

Very nice.

Once you are finalized with it, you can take it further in WW by these steps:

1) Make one or more proxy models (the Make Proxy function is in the Utilities rollout in WWMT, and there is a more robust Proxy toolset in Anvil and in the Level Design Menu).

2) Copy the material(s) for your model in the Material Editor.

3) Render copied versions of the existing textures (bitmaps) and apply these as the bitmaps in the new, copied materials.

4) Apply the newer materials to the proxies.

5) Modify these new materials/textures as desired.

6) Re-export the materials and the model... you'll now have multiple skins for the model.

In this model, the level designer might like versions that have some water damage, mold, moss, cracks, etc as options.

Keep up the good work!

Sir Irk:
Thanks for the tip! I'm getting mudbox right now to do some detailing. I'm still learning about the different methods for texturing and haven't gotten uv mapping down yet.

Sir Irk:
Some log racks I'm using to learn mudbox

There are lots of lighting issues in these pictures but that wasn't my focus today.

Excellent! Keep sharing your journey!


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