Perfect Dark Source?

Started by Infidel, June 27, 2012, 12:13:32 PM

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Anyone know anything about a proposed Perfect Dark Source mod? I saw something online once "coming soon" and have never seen anything else on the topic.
Personally I preferred PD 64 over GE007 64 (which in the wallworm circle is tantamount to heresy), and would love to play it again via source. If you have any information on this Mod I would be greatly interested.




why you no google?

But in all seriousness...

It appears to me the guys stopped working on it. Probably in 09 too.

But what do i know...i could be wrong...


I was just hoping that by some sliver of our ubiquitous gaming society that someone here might no something of the current state of things there with PD Source. However, I am quite familiar with all web searched info concerning the mod. I am just not sure what happened to it and what if any chance there is for improvements in it and or updates. I would hate to have to buy a N64 just to play it again. But one must do what one must do.

Thanks for the response. And good luck with your bone/weight/thingy... :D


These things happen to often if you ask me. The developers just drop what their doing without even telling anyone they're doing it.
But on the other hand they could have gotten a copy-write infringement email or whatever and forced to stop all work on it immediately.

Why buy a n64 to play it, maybe you can find a computer emulator for it? Sure it won't be the same without the n64 controller but you still have the game right?

QuoteAnd good luck with your bone/weight/thingy...:)
And thanks.


I understand the quest to play nintendo games so i think i could help alittle more than i have been.

Your emulator-

Perfect Dark's ROM which is compatible with the above emulator-

NOTE: You could learn the controls by going to options and clicking on controller configure
I played it for a bit Z shoots Esc makes fullscreen by default controller profile. Pretty cool.


As a long time modder or Source i wouldn't mind xD

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