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General Discussion / Active Again
October 14, 2018, 06:40:51 AM
Hey guys!

It has been a while. How's everyone?
During the last few years, I got really busy in finishing university, and finding a job.
I gained a lot of experience when it comes to game development and game design using unity during the last 2 years.
Now that I settled a bit, I would like to dedicate my free-time going back to the good ol source engine.
I would like to create few new unique game modes, and design assets for them using wallworm.
I will be more active here, so see you around guys!
I would like to know if it is possible to make refract materials using wallworm.

I wonder if there is a tutorial showing how i might have missed.


   $normalmap ...
   $dudvmap ...
   $refracttint "[1 1 1]"
   $refractamount .2
I've discovered steam back when I was 15 years old. My love to half-life and source games at that time had already took roots. Back then, all I wanted to do in my life is to share my ideas, thoughts and experiences with other people and see how they will react to it. Since i suck at being social, creating contents for games was the only thing i could do right to communicate with other people. So I started learn slowly about source level design, until I've released my first map. The map was basic, nothing spectacular and nothing impressive, just any map that is on the beginners level. That's what i thought until a youtuber posted a funny video about a group of players playing around the map, and laughing hysterically about falling in some traps on the map. The next day i found out that about 2 million people watched that video, and I was probably the happiest person on earth. I don't know how to describe that feeling, but it was absolute happiness. Since that moment, I swore to dedicate my life to make more content, and learn more about this field. That is why, I chose computer graphics as my major at university. This is where wallworm comes in. I got introduced to 3ds max, and I loved it, then I asked myself that why should i use hammer while i can use 3ds max, is it possible? I started researching and found out about wallworm. I paused every project i was working on and started to learn from the beginning about source. The learning process was a little bit rough, since i had to know lots of prerequisites in max in order to understand how stuff worked. Concept and ideologies changed to the better. In the summer of 2015, I teamed up with a couple of friends, and started working on a gamemode for gmod that includes custom contents like models and maps. That didn't go well, the gamemode was discontinued, and my friends left me with the reason that this will get them nowhere. I went into depression, and started to think the same. Until the end of that summer, I remembered my cause, made my self up, and got myself wallworm pro. Since then I've never been more thankful to Shawn Olson for this awesome tool. I got back to work, and promised you guys good contents. I am very ashamed of myself by not delivering that content fast, that is because i had personal problems like i had to get myself a part-time job during my free time to help my parents pay the tuitions etc, and I'm still struggling till now. It will work out in the end, and i will deliver. My bond with this community is growing stronger everyday. I would like thank you all for being nice enough towards me, and I hope that this community gets bigger, because it really deserve it. :)
Model WIPs / Hand held radio wip
February 08, 2016, 07:03:38 PM
Here's another model I'm currently working on.
Again everything is made inside 3ds max and exported using wallworm model tool.

The model is basically done. I just need to work on the textures etc
Model WIPs / Metal detector wip
February 08, 2016, 06:45:20 PM
i started working on models since i got more flexible in 3ds max and wallworm.
here is one of my first models to be officially released soon made entirely inside 3ds max and wallworm.
here we go:

and oh btw i used b2m for the materials.

I still have to fix couple of stuff in the geometry smoothing groups etc and then il release it on the workshop!
The more I dive in, the more I learn and encounter new errors.
while i was attempting to export a model "again  :P", I encountered this warning which is caused by the ambient occlusion map.
WARNING: Error! Variable "$AmbientOcclusion" is multiply defined in material "me
tal detector/plastic"!

Anyone knows what's causing this, and how to solve it?
Whenever i try to export a model that has a material that contains a specular and a normal map i get this warning.

WARNING: material radio/radio_plastic has a normal map and an envmapmask.  Must
use $normalmapalphaenvmapmask

The problem is obviously that i need to use normalmapalphaenvmapmask instead of normal and envmapmask.
Can wallworm somehow combine them, or will I have to do it manually, and how can I do it?
Materials and Textures / How to use height maps
January 31, 2016, 07:20:33 PM
How can i add height maps using wallworm pro and 3ds max?
WIP Levels / Surf_Highway
November 24, 2015, 05:10:45 PM
Hello everyone, it's about time to start working on some serious level design. I am sorry for the delay, I should have started a couple of months ago.
On every Friday i will add to this post the weekly progress.
Through the progress i would like to hear your opinion about the progress.
I also would like to make this thread like some sort of timelapse where i show what am i feeling/thinking at a certain moment of the progress.
I hope i surprise you with the results.

Day 0: (Setting up)

Can you smell that? It's the smell of a fresh and empty scene, lots and lots of work to do, I am Excited to start.

Week 1:

-Worked on a concept
-Came up with theories
-Designed the outline on a scratch
-Started testing with wallworm

Wallworm tools are amazing. I loved how wallworm deal with concave objects, and also loved the Wallworm utilities like the problem checker.
I am impressed by how easy it is to create a room by starting from 1 single spline. Thank you shawn olson this is going to be faster than expected.

Here is my test on concave geometry:

Some optimisations are needed for the poly count.
Next up i am going to test some texture and how they will look in game (specular, bump, selfillum ...), and prepare the spawn/lobby.

Week 2:

-Tested some features in wallworm pro
-Attempted exporting maps using wallworm

I did not do much progress this week, but i've spent my time learning texture flags and how they work(export) using wallworm pro. Also, i've spent most of my time on the wiki just to refresh my mind on the source engine.

please note that this textures is just for testing it's not official :P . Also i'm having a problem with the texture mapping, where i have unwrapped them correctly in max, but they glitched out somehow in-game. I'm sure i'm going to solve it soon :P

week 3:

- Working on the spawn room
- Testing ambient lighting
- Tested on some animated textures and messed around with flags
General Discussion / The Hardest Part
October 03, 2015, 08:32:19 AM
I would like to discuss with you the hardest parts in level design.
As for me after 2 years of amateur experience, the hardest part in making a map is designing the map. Especially if you want to stick a theme following the plot or the storyline.
for example, i've spent the last week literally designing a deathmatch map for black mesa and coming up with concepts on a scratch paper, and yet i haven't made anything interesting.
So what do you think? what is the hardest part in level design?
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