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Hey! That simply looks like a displacement mesh without any texture on it, is that possible? Perhaps the material itself is disabled in the material editor, which also turns off the material in the viewports.
Little by little I'm starting to learn 3ds max, and so far I have no opportunity to switch to 3ds max 2019, but everything suits me here except for the annoying bright colors of materials that I think should be normal. How can i do this? And is it even possible to turn off the colors? I want white material with black wireframe

Huge thanks for your answers!
Wall Worm News / Wall Worm 3.876 Released
« Last post by wallworm on December 16, 2018, 03:11:55 PM »
Version 3.876 released on 12-16-2018

   * VMF Exporter: Updated VMF Exporter to clamp 4way blend channel colors that may be set to negative values in the event that the 4way colors were set with the DataChannel modifier and went out-of-range.
   * VBSP Importer: Fixed a bug importing a VBSP file under some circumstances.
   * Displacements: Added new functions in Displacement Proxies to select faces by Material.
   * Macros: Added a macroscript to disable shadows on selected entities.
   * Miscellaneous: Added new CSGO tools under Level Design > Misc Tools. New floater allows creating a KV file and a map CFG file.
   * Utilities: Fixed function for opening text files in text editor to work when the path had a space in it.
Commercial Tools / Re: Normal Tools
« Last post by tuxmask75 on December 07, 2018, 10:42:03 AM »
Actually yeah that could be cool, but ehh, now that you mention that it only stores the normalized vector, than it may not be so useful in the end afterall. I was hoping to be able to view the data broken down as X,Y,and Z value, and than select another normal, and manually type in lets say the X, Y or Z axis values separately Basicly a method, to have complete controls over the normals. (If for example I was happy with the X and Z rotation , but only needed to effect the Y axis)
Commercial Tools / Re: Normal Tools
« Last post by wallworm on December 07, 2018, 09:23:20 AM »
So you mean to display the currently selected normal's vector? The normals only store a normal (normalized vector) but do not store rotation values. Is this what you would like to see?
Commercial Tools / Re: Normal Tools
« Last post by tuxmask75 on December 03, 2018, 06:56:05 PM »
Quick Question, Any way to view a selected normal's rotation? If not, than is it possible to add that to the tool?
Wall Worm News / Wall Worm 3.868 Released
« Last post by wallworm on November 27, 2018, 02:56:56 PM »
Version 3.868 released on 11-27-2018

   * Convert Scene to Model: Fixed the Delete Tool Texture function often missing polys to delete.
   * Convert Scene to Model: Fixed some cases where collision hulls sometimes being skipped when converting brushes.
   * Hull Helper: Updated the Prepare From Selection function to reset the transform of the meshes to avert issues with scaled meshes.
   * WWMT: Added new function to automatically generate a new root bone and skin the hulls to it. Function found in WWMT Scene Tools.
   * WWMT: Updated FLEX Rules and Controller names to removed characters that are not alphanumeric.
   * Assets: Updated the Zip From Res function to not skip files with spaces in the name.
Wall Worm Level Design in 3ds Max / Re: Non-Planar Polygons / Brushes to Planar
« Last post by wallworm on November 20, 2018, 08:01:00 PM »
So there are many tools available for this. Without seeing the scene in question, it's hard to be certain that the best tool is being used.

As a rule, most brushes should be built as CorVex or ShellVex objects because they natively enforce several brush rules (like breaking non-planar polygons, turning non-convex quads into convex quads, enforcing all verts on grid, etc).

If not using CorVex and ShellVex, you can apply a Brushify modifier to a brush to enforce and fix many of the same things. (Brushify modifier requires Max 2016 SP2 or later).

All of these (and most other WW plugins are currently on sale through November 25).

If not, you able to use the native brush tools, you can always use a Turn to Poly modifier and turn on Require Planar Polygons and Keep Polygons Convex to fix many situations. Generally speaking, it's best to always move brushes or brush sub-objects with appropriate snapping so that things generally stay on the grid--especially when not using the WW brush tools that will always keep things on the grid when using the Snap Precision options.
Wall Worm Level Design in 3ds Max / Non-Planar Polygons / Brushes to Planar
« Last post by VanderAGSN on November 20, 2018, 05:58:03 PM »
I have many brushes that are slightly shifted along one axis in a very small direction. When exporting these brushes to vmf, they are not accepted. As far as I know, in the hammer there is protection against this, and after saving the vmf map - re-entering it - the brushes automatically become planar. Is there any way to make polygons / brushes planar in wallworm / 3ds max? Thanks
General Discussion / Latest Black Mesa Trailer
« Last post by wallworm on November 19, 2018, 01:26:21 PM »
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