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General Discussion / Re: 3ds Max 2019
« Last post by KendrickB on August 17, 2018, 08:03:07 AM »
So true, Joris. The prices are insane at the moment. What's worse, the prices will probably remain the same for the foreseeable future.
 :D Hard work for you! thank you very much!
This is certainly an odd one. I do not know of any mechanism where the textures will pull for the prop zoo function but not the VMF. I will investigate.
Due to the reason of the translation, I am very sorry that I don't particularly understand what you mean.
During the game, all textures are displayed normally, and I use the hammer to open the unpacked map file (*.vmf). All textures are also displayed normally. And when I was using Wall Worm, I found that if I choose "Create Prop Zoo from VMF", all textures can be loaded normally, but all models will be arranged in order, only models and textures, no maps, Just like
But if I choose "Import Game Level (VMF RMF MAP)", the problem will return to the original point, only the model And map, no material
I watched this tutorial &t=40s
2017 should have worked. Do the textures and VMTs used in your scene exist in your game?
 ;D Thank you very much for your reply. I am very sorry for disturbing your holiday. I am using 3DS MAX2017. If it is caused by the old version, I will try to use the latest 3DSMAX version to import, thank you again!
Sorry I did not respond sooner. Thanks to @Joris for responding. I was on vacation.

Which version of Max are you using? Since the textures are not found, I have a feeling that you are using an older version of Max. With the older versions, it is imperative that the MatGen path is pointing to a folder that contains all the extracted VMTs/VTFs. However, I have not even tested this setup in a few years now since it isn't necessary when using 3ds Max 2015+.

I noticed that the FGD for csgo (...bin/csgo.fgd) is not in your settings. That isn't going to affect the materials, but it will affect properly importing/exporting the entities.

Let me know what version of Max you are on and we will move forward from there. I highly recommend using 3ds Max 2019.1.1 or later.
Materials and Textures / Re: New video on 4way blends
« Last post by wallworm on August 13, 2018, 08:32:08 AM »
Sorry I just got back from vacation.

In terms of Vertex Colors. They are technically just map channels. The vertex color channel is map channel 0. The channels WW uses are explained above. The map information is included in the FBX. You just have to have your shader use the map/color information in the channel it's coming through in the FBX--which looks to be map channel 2 instead of the vertex color channel.
Materials and Textures / Re: New video on 4way blends
« Last post by lauris47 on August 13, 2018, 03:28:01 AM »
I was able to replicate the shader at least partially. I got two textures blending, according how Valve team painted them in Unity. That information is stored in vertex paint (PVC paint vortex color) - didn't know that there is such thing.
I will work more to get more detailed result, bump maps and specular shine.
 :DThank you very much for your answer. Regarding the software version, the author of the software seems to have recently updated the version, but I have used the same version of the wallworm, regardless of whether I used the previous version or the latest version. I know that the free version does not automatically recognize the material file, so I have used VTFEdit to batch convert the material files into the TGA format, but it is still useless. Come here for help, the author seems to be very busy, then I will wait quietly, thank you for your response to my question ^_^
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