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Any time.

Since the scene I'm using is a contract I can not send you the model but I can give you the rest and hopefully replicate it. Also the "[♥]" was to point out were to put the space. I was tired last night when I posted it so that's probably  why this post was not very clear sorry about that. Now let me get you the resources you need and hopefully it will help you fix the error you are looking for.

The error was caused by a simple mistake in the code were the path was inserted into the string. Since the path tends to have a "\" at the end the quotation was mistaken for an expression.

Here's the paths I used to create the error in the Version 1.871
Model path "props\"
Material path "models\props\"

since the error was not there any more I replaced it by putting it back to what it was in Version 1.871. Keep in mind that this is just to get the error again so that you could see it.

Code: [Select]
>> MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
-- Syntax error: at set, expected <rollout clause>
--  In line: editText edt1 "" enabled:true pos:[123,27] width:420 height:17 text:"models\props\" toolTip:"Set t <<

The error seems to be gone now that the newer version was released today. But there is one other thing I want to point out in the rollout.

There seems to be a duplicate of the same vmt and vtf texture exporter.

I just wanted to let you know of a simple bug that I found with in the script "\WallWormModelTools\"

Description the error poped up when I try to export the textures in 3dsmax 2013 with in the wall worm modeling tools>utility tab. I repeated the error to see if it would pop up again and every time the error came up.

The bug consist of a simple string error were the path is inserted into a string line.

The error is located in the script on the lines
    • 110
    • 202
    • 271
    • 339
    • 412
    • 469
    • 535
    • 597
    • 667
    • And 535

    The Error is just a repeating error that can be fixed with a space added to the line.

    Just replace the "
[♥] " with a space with in all the lines listed above.

Code: [Select]
append str ("editText edt"+num as string+" \"\" enabled:"+en+" pos:[123,"+y as string+"] width:420 height:17 text:\""+vtfP+"[♥]\" toolTip:\"Set the output Path of this VTF.\"\n")

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