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I just wanted to let you know of a simple bug that I found with in the script "\WallWormModelTools\"

Description the error poped up when I try to export the textures in 3dsmax 2013 with in the wall worm modeling tools>utility tab. I repeated the error to see if it would pop up again and every time the error came up.

The bug consist of a simple string error were the path is inserted into a string line.

The error is located in the script on the lines
    • 110
    • 202
    • 271
    • 339
    • 412
    • 469
    • 535
    • 597
    • 667
    • And 535

    The Error is just a repeating error that can be fixed with a space added to the line.

    Just replace the "
[♥] " with a space with in all the lines listed above.

Code: [Select]
append str ("editText edt"+num as string+" \"\" enabled:"+en+" pos:[123,"+y as string+"] width:420 height:17 text:\""+vtfP+"[♥]\" toolTip:\"Set the output Path of this VTF.\"\n")

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