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Yes it does.
WallWorm free.

It does show all the brush entities when i reparse FGD file, and it is correct one.
All the files you provided paths to are valid, there is no script errors at MAX Script Listener. size is 2.1 MB, so i think it has all the brush ents i need. They just dont get loaded for some reason.
Brush entities rollout is loosing ents after 3DS Max restart.
When FGD is reparsed, Brush Entities are appearing where whey should be, but after shutdown they arent there again.

Paths to Binaries, etc inlcuded down below:

Thank you for quick support response. Everything exports fine now.
Beign a dev myself, i know how its hard to fix strange bugs, so i really appreciate your help.
Here they are, uploading to Dropbox because of filesize limits.
Here, the map itself.
Quote from: Joris Ceoen on March 17, 2017, 05:09:24 PM
I think I've had this problem before, and I never knew an exact reason as of why this happened. I did however fix this often by attaching it with a nearby brush (that did export correctly before). Sometimes then, if you detach those again into their original state, they will all of a sudden work.

You can always test my suggestion out, it's been a while since I've been in the tools but at least that's what I remember that fixed it.

The problem is, any brush is scaled like that, 8 times larger than it should be.
WallWorm VMF exporter messes up with texture scaling on UVW maps.
Every texture is exactly 8 times smaller than it should be.

Scene units set up as 1u = 1 inch.

In Max, texture looks like this:

When exported into hammer it appears scaled exactly 8 times larger:

Texture scales are 14 on x and y, if divided by 8, they appear as they were in 3ds max, except the offsets are also wrong.

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