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Hello Again, My friend want to import some hl2 models into 3Ds Max 2013 64bit but he can't, because Wunderboy's and Cannonfodder's Importers are OUTDATED and they don't work with MAX 2013.
Are there another SMD (or .mdl) importers for Max 2013 x64 or can you import these files using WWMT?
Thanks in advance

Hello, I heard that "Quick Hull" function has been fixed in newest versions of Nvidia PhysX Plug-in, so I just downloaded the "NVIDIA_PhysX_For_Autodesk_3ds_Max_2012_64bit_2.86.00717.05000"
However, when I try to use "Quick Hull" it just gives me that error:

I have tried reinstalling 3DS Max and plug-ins in this order:

1. 3Ds Max 2012 x64
2. Hotfix 1 – Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 (for 64bit)
3. NVIDIA_PhysX_For_Autodesk_3ds_Max_2012_64bit_2.86.00717.05000 (It's the newest version)
4. Wall Worm Model Tools (Newest version from official site)

And it's still giving me same error.

My OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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