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General Discussion / Re: Decal uv channel
« Last post by wallworm on May 26, 2022, 05:56:52 pm »
You can export that channel, but it's not currently imported.
General Discussion / Re: Decal uv channel
« Last post by lauris47 on May 25, 2022, 09:55:36 am »
Hi, some maps rely a lot on details, hence I tried to do this again. I couldn't

When I import whole map, secondary channel UVs are squeezed into one corner,
and when I import separately via Model Importer Wall Worm "Import MDL", it only has one channel.

In either case second channel is destroyed.

Any update on this?
Wall Worm News / Wall Worm 5.1.28 Released
« Last post by wallworm on May 21, 2022, 07:21:07 pm »
Version 5.1.28 released on 5-21-2022

   * CorVex: Fixed MAXScript error loading some older scenes with specific spline setups.
   * QC Importer: Fixed MAXScript error that happened from too many time tags being generated in rare situations.
   * Parse BSP Log: Added check for Bad Surface Extents that will create a spline along bad surface to highlight the problem. The splines are placed into a layer named "Bad Surfaces Layer".
   * VMF Exporter: Updated the batch file writer to output a cleaner compile batch.
   * VMF Exporter: Fixed the last_compile_.log file to work even when outputting to the console.
   * Compile Tools: Fixed MAXScript error in the Load Leak File function if the leak file exists but is empty.
Please do not use this site to spam about a project or kickstarter. It's fine to share content that is directly related to the threads on the site. Does your game use 3ds Max and Wall Worm for its development? If not, it's not relevant for this site. If so, please talk about how you are using WW/Max or the design challenges, etc.
--- DAY 7 ---

Day 7 : here are the numbers !
initial goal : 370 500?
amount raised : 2?
number of contributors : 2
remaining amount : 370 498?

For those who would be lazy to go to the kickstarter page of the brilliantly named 100% PC video game, then this is the kickstarter page of the brilliantly named 100% PC video game that comes to you...
Here are the main information :

Police Characters :
-   France
-   USA
-   England
-   Germany
-   Russia
-   Japan
-   China
-   Brazil

Avengers Characters :
-   Ecologist
-   Anarchist
-   Terrorist 
-   Communist
-   Scum
-   Hacker
-   Double agent
-   Immigrant

Weapons :
-   Corbeau (pistol)
-   Tigre (pistol)
-   DZ1G (machine pistol)
-   Terminus (machine pistol)   
-   FAP93 (shotgun)
-   PP20 (shotgun)    
-   HK420 (assault rifle)
-   M4A6 (assault rifle)
-   AKT70 (assault rifle)
-   Mercy (assault rifle)    
-   Gr0 (heavy weapon)
-   Terrible (heavy weapon)
-   NRJV (heavy weapon)
-   AWP (sniper rifle)

Accessories :
-   Grenade (projectile)
-   Flash (projectile)
-   Smoke (projectile)
-   Decoy (projectile)
-   Incendiary (projectile)   
-   Bulletproof vest (protection)
-   Helmet (protection)
-   Alcohol (drug)
-   Cannabis (drug)
-   Defuse kit (tool)
-   Night vision (tool)
-   Hologram (Tool)
-   Bomb (Tool)
-   Drone T (drone)
-   Drone L (drone)

Maps :
1) Libert?
2) Cascade
3) Monstre
4) Oc?an
5) Ailleurs
6) Honneur
7) Foule
8) Beaut?
9) Enfer
10) Risque
11) Maya
12) Train
13) H?pital
14) Disco
15) Bureaux
16) Douche

Rewards :

- Bonus 100 XP GAMAMORT (10?)
- Digital art book (20?)
- Poster (30?)
- Bonus 500 XP GAMAMORT (40?)
- Digital game (50?)
- Embroidered Polo (60?)
- Game box (70?)
- Skin weapon (80?)
- Secret weapon (3000?)
- Credits (5500?)

For the artworks on the other hand, no choice, go directly to the 100% kickstarter page ; take the opportunity to choose your rewards.
You think a friend might be interested ? Don't hesitate to tell them about it.
--- DAY 3 ---

Day 3 : here are the numbers !
initial goal : 370 500?
amount raised : 1?
number of contributors : 1
remaining amount : 370 499?

For those who feel left out because they don't know what a crowdfunding campaign is, here is a little explanation :

"A crowdfunding campaign is a "process" that allows a project owner to collect donations from a large audience to finance, precisely, the realization of his project."

Globally, the creator will describe his project in a video presentation and the interested parties who find themselves charmed or enthused by it and who want to see it become a reality finance it by buying "souvenirs" from him.
The process is win/win, the creator gets money to develop their project and the fans get unforgettable rewards or perks in return (depending on the platform)."

Now you know what a crowdfunding campaign is, so don't be afraid anymore and dare to buy one or more rewards: let your dreams become a reality !

Seeing your friends tomorrow? This is also a good time to tell them about it !
Hello to everyone

I?m so proud to announce you, in this beautiful day, the launch of the Kickstarter campaign of my video game genially named 100%.

100% is a First Person Shooter (FPS) for PC, both single and multiplayer, developed on the basis of the Source engine (Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Portal...) and which makes confront, in nervous and frenzied games, the policemen to the avengers.

Beware! There are no good guys or bad guys: only different convictions...
Your biggest problem will be choosing sides!
Are you going to join the Police, those modern-day vigilantes, or the Avengers, those outcasts of the system who want to live their difference to the fullest?
Make the powder talk and fulfill your destiny. You live, you win; you die, you lose...

Intrigued? For more juicy details as well as many spellbinding illustrations, go directly to the 100% kickstarter page (
If you're excited about the game and want to get a taste of it one day, then do yourself a favor and buy one or more rewards quickly.

Don't forget to tell your best friends and leave hints for others on the forums and social networks you frequent.

We are counting on you!

The 100% team
Bug Reports / Re: Issues with the SnapVertsToGrid plugin
« Last post by wallworm on May 10, 2022, 04:57:36 pm »
For brushify, turn off cap and any option except for the Snap. That should make it run better. But note it wasn't made for high-poly objects.
Bug Reports / Re: Issues with the SnapVertsToGrid plugin
« Last post by Pocket on May 10, 2022, 04:56:02 pm »
That seems to have done the trick, although I have to say that Brushify is extremely inefficient; it made the program hang for multiple minutes while it did its thing, and multiple minutes after that when I unticked vertex welding. It was like that the last time too; I just had more pressing issues to address.

Also the random-black-polygons issue was solved by selecting all the faces and clearing the smoothing groups, which I didn't want anyway. Found that out by accident when I noticed that one face was randomly rendering like it was part of one.
Bug Reports / Re: Issues with the SnapVertsToGrid plugin
« Last post by wallworm on May 10, 2022, 09:25:28 am »
If Brushify is failing, then I suspect that the node needs its XForm Reset. Try deleting the modifier, then using The Reset Xform Utility, then re-applying the Brushify modifier.
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