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WWMT Questions / Re: Importing .mdl files that are not in a game
« Last post by wallworm on Today at 09:42:24 AM »
At this time Wall Worm's MDL tools require the MDL to be in the game folders similarly to how they are required there in Hammer. All of the asset lookups depend on files being in the expected folders.

The workaround is to create a custom gameinfo.txt file for this. Doing this is detailed in Anatomy of a Design Team which has been re-written. You will still need to keep the other MDL files within a "models" folder but that models folder can reside anywhere on your system as long as the folder containing the models folder is added to the SearchPaths of a gameinfo.txt file.
WWMT Questions / Importing .mdl files that are not in a game
« Last post by JustaFleshWound on Today at 01:23:14 AM »
Is there any way to be able to import .mdl files that are not a part of a game's directory? I have custom models intended for garry's mod posing, but i'd like to import them to 3ds for use outside garry's mod, and was wondering if there was any way to accomplish that with this tool. Thanks for the help.
Wall Worm News / Wall Worm 3.56 Released
« Last post by wallworm on January 11, 2018, 04:37:39 PM »
Version 3.56 released on 1-11-2018

   * Batch Tools: Updated the batch VMF/MAP/RMF importer to accept multiple command-line switches to control/configure how the importer works. Documentation on this does not yet exist.
   * PAK: Updated the BSP PAK function to now include several files in BSP PAK that previously only were included with the RES file maker.
   * Batch Tools: Updated the batch Level Importer to have an option to write out the asset PAK batch file for imported VMF files or a FBX file.

See the Batch Level Importer docs for more info.
Materials and Textures / Re: Missing textures for props from VMF.
« Last post by wallworm on January 11, 2018, 04:36:21 PM »
For a reason that isn't 100% clear to me yet, there is a glitch in the importer that sometime the materials on props won't appear automatically right away. However, the material should appear if you select the prop and switch to the modify tab.

As for the displacements, you can ignore that message at render time. There is a checkbox when you see that warning: Don't display this message. It's because the render material is using a vertex color map but the display shader is using vertex alpha. I don't have time to explain this ATM but just ignore that render message.
Materials and Textures / Missing textures for props from VMF.
« Last post by Semi on January 11, 2018, 04:15:43 PM »
I started using WallWorm yesterday, and i've been following a tutorial
(This one)
And i've followed all the steps, brushes have textures, models are loading correctly.
But the props don't have textures! They're just solid colors.
This is how they look.

Also apparently when rendering/exporting i get another error!

Although, im not sure if this is related.
Version 3.53 released on 1-7-2018

   * Bodygroups: Added new spinner for the Blank Model Index. Allows setting the Blank model to be in slots other than the first entry.
   * Bodygroups: Added new button "Assign Selected BG to WWMT" to assign the selected Bodygroup Helpers to a picked WWMT Helper. Found in the Bodygroup floater.
   * Bodygroups: Fixed the Assign Selected WWMT to BG button not working in the Bodygroups floater.
Version 3.52 released on 1-6-2018

   * Exporters: Added a RMF exporter. Exports brushes, entities, world. Groups and Visgroups not yet supported.
   * MDL: Fixed bad rotation on WallWormMDL nodes that are using a WWMT Helper as the data source to not rotate improperly if the WWMT Helper has the Rotated origin option turned on.
   * RMF Importer: Updated the RMF Importer code under the hood.
   * VMF Exporter: Fixed problem where WWMT Proxies could be skipped at export time.
   * VMF/RMF/Map Exporter: Updated the exporter for game levels to only default to the current engine type, but still allow saving to other types.
   * Entities: Fixed bug where the properties to export in an entity would not update when tying to a new entity until after the scene was re-opened.
   * VMF Exporter: Fixed VMF Exporter UI forgetting the Vertex/UV precision values.
   * MAP Exporter: Fixed MAP exporter ignoring the vertex/uv precision values.
   * MAP Exporter: Updated the Map exporter to support compiling directly into Goldsource.
   * Settings: Added new fields into paths settings: xwad and WADs.
   * Anvil: Added WADS property to the World > Map Properties rollout.
   * MAP Exporter: Fixed WAD paths being written into incorrect property "wads". Now correctly goes to "wad" property.
   * MAP Exporter: Updated the WAD list exported into the the MAP file's wad property: Now exports [mapname].wad,  wad list in Anvil's World > Map Parameters < Wads fields and wad list in global settings WADs list. Checks for the wads to exist before adding.
   * MAP Importer: Updated Map Importer to store the map's WAD list into the map properties.
   * MAP Exporter: Updated the Map Compiler to derive CSG compile parameters from the VBSP options. Use the tag "<CSG>" in the VBSP options to set CSG. All text after the <CSG> tag will be used in the CSG compiler. Goldsource-only.
   * Menus: Added "Classify Scene Nodes" to the Wall Worm Utilities menu. Function will reset/reclassify all nodes in the scene in the event that the level exporter data needs to be reset.
Wall Worm News / Re: Wall Worm 3.449 Released. Adds RMF importer.
« Last post by wallworm on December 30, 2017, 03:10:52 PM »
Version 3.5 released on 12-30-2017

   * Textures: Updated the WW Pro Texture Properties to include a new method for checking for a resizeinfo file for the bitmap. This will fix incorrect brush UVs for textures imported from WAD files that were not power of 2 dimensions.
   * VMF/RMF/MAP Importer: Added support for the new sizeinfo check in WW Pro that also reduces texture lookup times in scenes where the same materials are used a lot.
   * VMF/RMF/MAP Importer: Fixed a bug importing a scene before some WW Functions had loaded.
   * RMF/MAP Importer: Added check for custom wad paths stored in the WADS property of the scene's map limits node.
   * VMF/RMF/MAP Importer: Fixed importer not properly registering all imported brushes for immediate re-export. Previously needed to save and reload scene to export back into game.
Commercial Tools / Re: CorVex Game Geometry plugin Now Available
« Last post by wallworm on December 30, 2017, 03:10:34 PM »
Version 1.9

* Fixed problem of zero-area face on a wall mode CorVex with a height of 0 and using the Slop Increment setting.

* Updated the Bake function to be compatible with the latest brush tracking functions in Wall Worm.

* Added new setting in the Wall Worm Connection rollout to Exclude from Export.
Wall Worm News / Wall Worm 3.449 Released. Adds RMF importer.
« Last post by wallworm on December 28, 2017, 11:28:17 PM »
Version 3.449 released on 12-28-2017

   * Importers: Added RMF Importer V1. (Exporter pending.)
   * Entities: Fixed bug in entity custom attributes related to some entities loaded from Goldsource. Requires Entity Cache Reparse in global settings.
   * Entities: Fixed bug with changing an entity from one class to another.
   * Entities: Fixed some bugs with setting some entity values when the FGD did not set value type to an expected data type.
   * VMF/Map/RMF Importer: Fixed a recursive bug that could cause importing a VMF take a very long time.
   * VMF/Map/RMF Importer: Fixed a bug importing proper UVs when the global settings in WW are set to use relative paths on imported textures.
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