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Bug Reports / MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception
« on: October 10, 2017, 12:09:13 am »
Hello I get the following error when trying to install wallworm on 3ds max 2017:

Code: [Select]
-- MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
-- Compile error: Unrecognized parameter type:  Point2

Any ideas on what I should do?

I sent you an email with the attached file.

I am having an issue getting brushes exported from 3ds max to align correctly in hammer.
The model that I start with is not on grid, I started by cleaning the model up, then taking portions and turning them into seperate valid brushes.
I then add the brushify modifier to get the convex brushes on the grid, but when I export them to hammer they are not aligned.
Here they are in 3ds:

And this is what it looks like in hammer:

Can you think of why they are looking like this? I have verified that my grid is setup correctly as per your video on the grid.

Im having problems with the scale of the imported model.
It is too small, when I scale it, the dimensions don't actually change it only appears larger.
But when I try something like XForm modifier or Rescale World Units utility nothing is resized but instead all of the individual models get moved further apart and the terrain gets ignored.

edit: Figured it out, I had to apply the xform modifier first, then scale, then reset xform.
I'm going to leave this post here in case anyone else has this problem too.

Okay, I will look into the conform tools and the WWMT.
I'm going to try and familiarize myself with 3ds max over the next few days now that I know what to look for.
Thank you again for the help.

Thank you for the quick response, now that I know there is a way I'll try and learn as much as I can.

Hello, I am trying to convert a model into valid geometry for use in source.
The models are from another game and I want to make a novelty map for CS source.
The area is a large outdoor area making source not the best engine for this but I am sure it can be done.

I attempted this years ago by importing the models into hammer and manually making brushes to match the buildings and making displacements to match the terrain but it became too tedious and I abandoned the project. After discovering all the wallworm tools I have a new hope that this map may be achievable.

Here is a screenshot of the map:

My question is what tools should I use to make this happen? I am not very familiar with 3ds max.

Can shellvex make valid convex brushes from a model like the building in the background of the screenshot?

Can I somehow convert the terrain into displacements and apply a bitmap for the alpha channel similar to this topic?,1297.0.html

I understand this kind of area is not suited for the source engine and the map would be hard to optimize. but I could reduce the draw area with fog right?

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