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One more thing: The same bitmap in the material editor needs to be piped into the Opacity slot of the standard material in order for the VMT exporter to set the $translucent flag.

General Discussion / Re: Texture with transparency does not work in Hammer.
« on: December 30, 2020, 03:28:19 pm »
What are the dimensions of your TGA file? The texture compiler requires bitmaps to be standard dimensions (multiples of 2) like 1024x1024, 1024x512, 512x512, etc.

Wall Worm News / Wall Worm 5.0.42 Released
« on: November 29, 2020, 12:32:26 pm »
Version 5.0.42 released on 11-29-2020

   * Entities: Updated the Entity function in Max 2019+ to force any entity with a parameter named "radius" to be stored as an integer and to include a new function to display that radius with a radius helper in the scene. Note that this change breaks compatibility with entities that have the type of a radius set to a string value.
   * Startup: Removed the notice about having recently updated Wall Worm.
   * Startup: Added information in MAXScript listener when starting Max to show startup impact time of Wall Worm.
   * WWMT: Updated the function for exporting MDL with the FBX option to use the Material name instead of the Bitmap filename.
   * WWMT: Updated the FBX export to honor Use Local Origin as World Origin if exporting a WWMT that meets these conditions: Has $staticprop turned on and only has one mesh assigned to model.
   * UI: Added backward-compatible support for newer versions of Max to properly resize rollouts when the command panel is resized.
   * CSGO: Fixed VMF Exporter not being able to launch game in CSGO with compiled map. Added these launch parameters that are now required to launch CSGO from outside of Steam:  -insecure -hijack
   * MACROS: Added a new macroscript that will try to get missing TGA files in scene from VPK; this is helpful when opening a scene from another user that has loaded VTFs into TGA files from the VPK but those TGA files are not on your current system. Only looks for missing TGA files that happen to be in a path that includes "sceneassets\images". Command to use: "" "FetchMissingTGAfromVTFinVPK"
   * Get Brush By ID: Fixed Get Brush By ID from causing a MAXScript error if a brush element of a concave brush is missing from the ID values embedded in it.

Bug Reports / Re: Prop_dynamic collision bug
« on: November 27, 2020, 01:55:59 pm »
I'm not using WW right now, but well

Hopefully you got a fix for this. I'm pretty low on time lately, so except for issues dealing with Max/WW, I generally am slow to respond. Check that your bone hierarchy is same between hull and model.

I am about to release an update to Wall Worm with this change. Below is a MAXScript that you can run before updating to store the current values that will be affected:

Code: [Select]
struct WallWormEntityDataTypeHelper (
--values stored as strings that will be converted to floats in a custom attribute update and we need to store it because
stringsThatWillBeFloats = #("radius"), --make array in case we add more in future
This script will embed entity parameters that are strings but will be converted to floats in a custom attribute update.
This is necessary because when a custom attribute parameter type is changed, it's current value is not kept (converted) but reverts to parameter default value.
function storeCurrentValues = (
local updatedEnts = #()
for ent in ::WallWormHelperOps.entities WHERE isvalidnode ent do (
local ca = ::WallWormEntityOps.getEntCA ent
if ca != undefined then (
for p in stringsThatWillBeFloats do (
if isProperty ca p then (
local v = (getProperty ca p)
if classof v != float then (
setUserProp ent (("wallworm_entity_store_"+p) as name) (v as string)
append updatedEnts ent
if updatedEnts.count > 0 then (
selectionSets["Entities that Stored old values"] = updatedEnts
function retrieveOldValues = (
if ::WallWormHelperOps.entities.count > 0 then (
local paramsToCheck = #()
for p in stringsThatWillBeFloats do (
append paramsToCheck (datapair p (("wallworm_entity_store_"+p) as name))
for ent in ::WallWormHelperOps.entities WHERE isvalidnode ent do (
local ca = ::WallWormEntityOps.getEntCA ent
if ca != undefined then (
for p in paramsToCheck do (
local storedVal = getUserProp ent p.v2
if storedVal != undefined AND storeVal != "" then (
if isProperty ca p.v1 then (
--do a try because we cannot guarantee the string value can be converted to the data type
try (
setProperty ca p.v1 (storedVal as (classof (getProperty ca p.v1)))
) catch (
format "ERROR: Could not set % to % in %\n" p.v1 storedVal ent

::WallWormEntityDataTypeHelper = WallWormEntityDataTypeHelper()

To use this
  • click Scripting > New Script
  • Paste that code into your MAXScript File
  • Click Tools > Evaluate All (CTRL+E)
  • In the MAXScript Listener (F11) paste this code and then hit ENTER: ::WallWormEntityDataTypeHelper.storeCurrentValues()

Now the script will store the current values.

To retrieve the values after you update Wall Worm, you can then run this command in the MAXScript listener:
Code: [Select]

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must run this code before updating to Wall Worm 5.0.41+ on each scene that you want to preserve the radius values of entities. If you do not have entities that use the radius parameter (or the radius was already defined as a float in the FGD you are using), you do not need to concern with this script.

The FGD data made the radius be a string (with text input) for several entities :

Code: [Select]
radius(string) : "Max Audible Distance" : "1250" : "Maximum distance at which this sound is audible."
Here are the entities that I see this problem going to occur from base.fgd :

  • ambient_generic
  • env_physexplosion
  • physics_cannister
  • trigger_proximity

I'm going to add an update to WW soon that has a visual helper for the radius of some entity parameters (like for env_soundscape and ambient_generic). The problem is that to do this correctly, I need to make sure that the parameters for these functions are float values. Unfortunately, due to the way the FGD files are written, the radius parameter for some entities (ambient_generic, for example) were stored as strings instead of floats. In my update, these will convert to floats. But here is the catch--the update to Custom Attributes that changes a parameter type does not allow the current value to propagate. This means that any existing scenes will get the default value applied to all ambient_generic radius values.

I can write a function that can embed the current value that can later be retrieved into the updated entities, but it must be done on a scene BEFORE updating to the version of WW that has these entity updates.

I want to try and get an idea about how many people this will affect as well as how many scenes. I need to know if it's worth my time to built this function.

Bug Reports / Re: Max 2018 - Module not found
« on: August 24, 2020, 10:56:51 am »
What version of Windows are you on?

Bug Reports / Re: Max 2018 - Module not found
« on: August 21, 2020, 06:22:44 pm »
Can you retry installing Wall Worm now you are on latest version of Max 2018?

Bug Reports / Re: Max 2018 - Module not found
« on: August 17, 2020, 08:18:16 pm »
I'm sorry about the issues you are having. Can you confirm you have the latest version of Max 2018 installed? That should be 3ds Max 2018.4 . If you do not have that update version installed, please install the latest update to Wall Worm 2018.4 and let me know if this fixes your issue.

Additional note about this: A WWMT Helper is actually just a Text shape with a piece of data attached to it in something called a Custom Attribute.

Can you see if adding simple Text shape objects into the scene replicates this for you?

I cannot reproduce this on my computers. I will still try to investigate if there is some setting inside Max that might cause it.

Thank you for the information. I will look into this tonight and test on 2019.3.

In the meantime, do you have access to 3ds Max 2020.3 ? That is the preferred/recommended version for using WW at this time.

That is certainly not how it should work as we have scenes in Black Mesa that have hundreds of WWMT Helpers without an issue.

What version of WW and what version (and update version) of Max are you using? Also, how much System RAM and what Video Card do you have?

General Discussion / Re: Seam between displacements
« on: July 25, 2020, 10:21:52 pm »

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