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Hello    (i have attached max file in this thread

can someone help with this file., i'm trying to animate a soldier holding a gun with two hands using link constraints, but there seems to be an issue.

what i did is that i added a link constraint on the weapon and linked it to the right hand bone(worked fine), and added a link constraint to the the left hand bone(to try and link the two hand bones so everything gets driven by the left hand bone).but for some reason immediately after adding the the link constraint to the left hand bone, the left hand(mesh and bone) moved away from the its original place (right at the end of the arm) and got connected to the ground. is there anyway to fix this? or is there any other possible way to make the movement of the weapon affect the two hands(bones with mesh)?   . can i perhaps link the hands(mesh) to the weapon??this doesn't work because when i animate the bones, the hands move without the weapon .
the major issue that i have is that when i add a link constraint to the bones, the bones location shift downwards to the ground.

ps: is there any uses of the imported attachments(using wallworm plugin to import qc files, u get imported attachemnts) that contain "point helpers" in this situation? can i use the point helpers to help me with this issue

Hello there

I would like to know what are the best renderers in 3dsmax to render an animation or a scene of csgo imported maps/models. When i try to render using Arnold renderer, mental ray or vray i get a list full of unsupported lights and materials and when i try to change materials or add my own lights (based on the renderer) nothing changes. so whats the best most effecient way to render in 3dsmax when it comes to csgo materials/lights?

« on: February 16, 2018, 02:34:30 PM »

I have installed the current 3DSMAX 2018 version, and I imported csgo models using wall worm, everything seems to work just fine. I rigged/skinned the model but then when i was trying to animate the biped structure, the mesh/model wont follow the biped animation. I tried to find a solution for this issue but it nothing seems to work, is it a problem with 3dsmax or the wall worm importer.
this is the file, please check

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