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Hello! i started to add props to my map when i realized that i just cant work anymore, my fps drops down to zero.
the way i am creating props -  Create Tab > Geometry > WallWorm > Source Mode l> import > then press Generate WWMT @ Origin > then making proxies though anvil tab and making instances
i found that every WWMT TEXT helper lowers fps to 50%
even when i reduce interpolation of the text to 0 my fps gets shrink by 5-10 fps
neither display as box option does not help.
When i delete them everything is OK, but how can my props be exported to source without WWMT helpers?
Thank you)

General Discussion / Seam between displacements
« on: July 04, 2020, 09:46:59 am »
Hello, my point was to cover my brush geometry (house) with displacements so i can use WorldVertexTransition on walls
i found desirable texture inside de_dust2_zoo.vmf:
de_dust/hr_dust/hr_dust_plaster_20.vmt, there is 3 types of material - top mid and bottom
so i decided to split my wall into 3 segments by height to apply 3 different textures on a 3 sculpt meshes
i start from making primitive boxes for the bottom wall, align it to the house/grid, attach em, reset transform, affect pivot point, brushify, convert to editable poly, UVM map (box X,Y,Z parameters to fit my height,width), convert to editable poly, face selection - select front faces, launch displacement floater, press "only selected quads", press create sculpt mesh, edit poly on top, select only egde vertices, invert, push modifier - 1, apply texture - bottom
same procedure for the middle scuplt mesh, applying texture - middle. and i got a seam between 2 sculpt meshes.

after some research people advice (INSIDE HAMMER) select bottom verts of the top disp_brush, add to selection top verts of the bottom disp_brush, move them 1 unit down.
i tried this but it helps just a little, it does not make it invisible. also i dont want to make adjustments inside hammer.
then i tried to make clear map only for testing inside hammer, i made brushes same height and width, turn to disp, apply texture, and i noticed that hammer uses world align (when i export from 3ds max it is having face align by default)
anyway i couldnt get rid of seam even in hammer, only on a 'true' box brushes with same height and width using "justify - fit" option.

PS: lightmap was aligned on all these tries. Compile with 1 direct light, cascade shadow, with VRAD -final option

attach pictures:
1 - trying to find solve in TopHATwaffle community
2,3- following the advice to pull vertices down

Please help to find right solution inside 3ds max how to fix that, Thank you!

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