Method not found: 'Boolean Autodesk.Max.IILayer.get_IsHidden()'

Started by CarbonCopyCat, August 28, 2016, 06:39:25 PM

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When exporting a map via Anvil, the VMF fails to export, instead outputting this in the MAXScript listener. (too long for a forum post)
It was last working before I updated to 2.864 (I was last using 2.851, if I remember correctly), and I'm currently using the most recent version and Max 2017.

It seems to happen no matter what, even if I'm using a single visible layer or multiple layers with some hidden.




Also, for future reference, if there is ever a bug in exporting a VMF, you should always immediately click Wall Worm > Wall Worm Utilities > Unfreeze UI. The reason is that WW turns off a bunch of Max functions during the VMF Exporter and doesn't use a Try/Catch block for performance reasons (Try/Catch slows down MAXScript very badly).

So this is the compromise. I try to keep it bug free... but when there is a bug I lean on you and others to let me know. And use that function to bring Max back to normal usage.

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