Trouble With Collision Hull

Started by sinful, August 12, 2015, 10:54:13 PM

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OK so i have this model

Its Physics model looks like this

Decompiled with Crowbar, imported to 3dsmax 2016 with WWMT SMD & QC Importer
I wanted to scale the model up 16x (make it very large)
And I also attempted to remake its collision hulls with hull helper, I wanted the collision hulls to be as accurate as possible
(making a KZ map, where collision means the entire game)

Saved + compiled as new model, loaded it up in hammer, and its collision hulls ended up looking like this

I don't know where the error happened. Any Ideas? Thanks.


The hull helper only makes concave collision hulls, so you have to detach individual concave parts of the model in order to get a proper hull, rather than just keep it in one piece (as it seems you did in the picture). This video should help you if you have any problems with it.


Yes I followed that video, detatched areas. I'm not sure if something went amiss during the baking process or what. I'll redo it, and post screens of my process/methods.


Without the file it's impossible to say. But if that happened to me here is what my steps would be:

1) Select the Hull(s)
2) Click Utilities > Reset XForm > Reset Selected.
3) Collapse To Editable Poly
4) In WWMT > Collision Model & Physics click Process Hull (to apply all the smoothing groups as needed).
5) Re-export.

Very often when you scale an object, things mess up. This is even for trivial stuff that wouldn't seem to cause any problems.

After that... I'd need to see the Max file. Was there any model compile notice?

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