Light Problem After Wildfire Update (Please Help)‏

Started by onur89tr, March 30, 2016, 10:47:59 AM

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After Wildfire update, my map's lighting broken. I made bsp and bak files with pakrat. Send them to maps folder. Thanks in advance.

Download map:


In the VRAD parameters of the VMF exporter, you need to add -staticproplighting .

Also, for CSGO, see this thread about the CSGO FGD bug.

Joris Ceoen

Indeed. I wanted to add to this that you cannot compile on -fast anymore unless you add the -staticproplighting. Fast compile mode does not include it by default, so for a working fast mode add that parameter to it and save it.


Thanks all but, I think this is different problem. Because I was added static prop light code. This error is about named lights. When light is named, the result is like this. When light name is "light", it's fixing. But I need named lights, because I connected them with buttons. What can I do?


I don't think flickering lights or lights you could turn on/off ever worked right in csgo, I don't think theres many options but to make it static sadly.


Joris Ceoen

Lighting in CS:GO is very easy and can be dumbed down to this one single rule:

1) Just use the 'light' entity and change nothing else but colour and brightness

That is very roughly said what prevents tons of problems, but you cannot name your lights and you cannot set a light flickering state in any possible way. Doing either one of those results in either your map being completely black or having very weird shadow dots. Search for any named light entity and remove the name, it simply doesn't work in CS:GO.

You can, however, use dynamic light entities, but they are more expensive and don't light the same way as normal lights. This is all not even related to the wildfire update, this has been from the beginning.

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