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Started by wallworm, May 27, 2016, 01:49:34 PM

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Welcome to the Second WW level design contest of 2016: Something Beautiful. This contest tasks you with making a beautiful map for Source using Max. The BSP-only restrictions of the first contest are gone. That means you are unshackled in this contest! The winners of this and all future contests will be memorialized on the Angry Teapot Awards.


All Standard Contest Rules with the following amendments:

  • Standard Contest Rules
  • Single or Multiplayer Level (with as many spawns as game allows for MP)
  • Source Games allowed: Black Mesa, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, HL2, Half-Life Deathmatch: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Day of Infamy, Insurgency, Hidden:Source, TF2, L4D, L4D2, Portal, Portal 2, Day of Defeat: Source or Gary's Mod, No More Room in Hell
  • GoldSource Games allowed: HL, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Day of Defeat, Half-Life Deathmatch*
  • 2d and 3d Sky are Optional
  • Use OR demo each of these plugins at least once in your development (either full or trial version):Power Nurbs; GrowFX; Rich Dirt; VFB+; and (one of these Ephere plugins: Zookeeper OR Lucid). Links go to demo downloads.
  • Do a brief write-up on how you used each plugin and how it helped you. If you were unable to use the demos directly, please simply write your experience using the demo.

Note in the list: the OR between Zookeeper and Lucid means that you only need to pick one of those two products from Ephere.

* For GoldSource, WW exports .MAP files which must be converted to .RMF inside the old Hammer. For GoldSource, you must compile a level from Hammer (but may not edit the level in Hammer). For Source, you must compile from Max with Wall Worm.


These are the categories that will be used in judging this contest in order of importance for this contest:

  • Visual Quality 30%
  • Creativity 30%
  • Game Play 30%
  • Optimization 10%

These are the blokes conned into judging: TBA


The deadline for your level is Midnight on Monday, January 2, 2017 (02 January 2017, 23:59:59 EST).

You must submit the level in both 3ds Max file and packaged zip of the BSP level and compiled assets (for Source this means, VMTs, VTFs, scripts, etc... for Goldsrc this means the WAD, RES file, etc). Email a link to download this zip to my email address: .

Standard Rules for eligibility.


Prizes for this contest are listed here.

This contest is now sponsored by:

Monotone Minimal
Black Mesa


Oh this is gonna be neat, beautiful is a nice and open theme.
I'll see what I can come up with in these next 4 months, hope to see quite a few joining!

Joris Ceoen


Looks like I'm in as well
I just hope that I can finish my entry this time


Already have ideas but not sure if I can pull it off. :)

But maybe, this might be good practice.


Annnnnnnnnnd I just made an entry :D
Good luck everybody, and I hope more people would join.


This time I'm holding you all to it! I've gotten all these great sponsors waiting to give you all some really cool tools, so make it worth the time to put it together! :)

I'm excited to see what you guys make.


does that mean I have to make something now? :'D

haha oh man I don't know


Quote from: Pipann on June 19, 2016, 02:22:56 PM
does that mean I have to make something now? :'D

haha oh man I don't know





I'll be back, I have to go run in panicked circles and scream like a raptor. :'D


Hello, I'm curious if the source mod: "no more room in hell" could be allowed as game to make an entry for?  If not I suppose I could keep it as a hl2 deathmatch map and convert it at a later date, after the contest.




What of maps that are actually models (.mdl instead of .bsp)? I've seen this done before in SFM in order to make parts posable.

Here's some examples:

Edit: Also, I suddenly realized that Source Filmmaker isn't in the list of games either. It's the only one I definitely know how to upload stuff on though. xD


The general problem with SFM is that it isn't really for making games and levels for players to run around in. Maybe it's time for you to make use a TF2 or CSGO level! :)

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