Exportet animation not the same as 3dsmax animation

Started by NG, November 10, 2017, 10:34:03 AM

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Some parts of my animation move correctly while others seem to have achieved independent thought and choose to not follow instructions.
I used these settings:
No use of $origin as mentioned in this video.
I've inserted a bone (probably incorrectly).
I've added an attachment.
"Use idle sequence" is checked to include an idle sequence.



I opened you scene and found the problem. In your Max scene the objects are all moving independently whereas the exported file has half the objects moving correctly and the other half moving incorrectly. The incorrect ones are not following their own animation but the animation of another bone.

That cause of this is the name of the objects.

Each object in the SMD becomes its own bone (which is necessary for the animation). The issue is that in the SMD format, the bones are defined by their names. Multiple objects in your scene have identical names. This means that the objects will acquire the animation of the first object defined by that name--and subsequent animations for those subsequent bones are lost.

The simple solution: Select all the Objects, click Tools > Rename Objects... > set a base name, turn on Numbered and then click Rename. Now when you re-export it will work as expected.

Note that there are a few tips regarding your scene:

  • In the scene you scene, Use Local Origin as World Origin was on. This probably shouldn't be on for your scene.
  • All of your objects had a skin modifier. This was not necessary since each node is animated to itself and not an external bone.
  • The root bone and the root box node are not necessary in your scene because there is no useful hierarchy and you are not using collision hulls.


Would merging the objects affect performance? Or could I use the Skin modifier to use a premade bone?


Using the skin modifier and adding more bones will not change your performance (and could potentially make it worse if the total bone count goes up). In the case of your scene, using skin at all or extra bones simply over-complicates it.

Merging pieces will result in the same results you get now (as the compiler is essentially doing that). So if you want to make it work exactly as it is in Max, then you should just follow the steps outlined above. If performance is an issue, your only real remedy is to reduce the number of objects or merge (but merging is producing the results you do not want).


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