Started by Aethalidus, June 12, 2012, 03:27:03 AM

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Im almost finished with this just a few more adjustments.


Nice job.

Did you build it from scratch? Is this in Source or still in Max?


Not scratch though i started with a more basic mesh and i got it into source and decided that it doesnt belong in it....

I would have fixed the mat error for the guns but even so the ship is about 1/3 if not less the than properly scaled and takes up half of gm_flat grass.


nice model and what do you mean by does not belong in it? all you need to do is make a space scene or something.


A battlestar is GIGANTIC. not yelling just emphasing . The flight pod is bigger than a aircraft carrier i believe. I've been thinking that i were to make a mod i would make everything very small so these gmod maps are very vast because everything in it is so small. But you the first time your spawn you choose your faction and then spawn as the faction till you change it. You get to fly a battlestar and you launch viper npcs or fly a viper yourself. But this is just thoughts right now nothing in writing. how ever i digress a battlestar might potentially be the size of gm_flatgrass. think about it a single person fits a viper which fits a a launch tube.

These guys are more massive then we might realize. Properly scaled these battlestars dont belong but if everything was scaled down...

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