Handling of Displacements

Started by extrapickles, July 31, 2012, 04:51:04 PM

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Select HD quality so you can see. I was using a free recorder.


Nice demonstration.

I will change the helper size in the next version. I think that it was originally meant to be that way but got lost in the chaos of my notes :)

As for the position/placement... yes it is something that I've mulled over a lot. I do have some tips until I get around to a new creation method.

  • Choose a brush grid size that is half the size of what you want to make displacements at. So if you block out the brush geometry at 128 units... then when you place the displacements change the disp size to 256 and keep the grid spacing at 128 when making the displacements... then it will be easier to lay them out. In other words keep grid half the size as the displacements after you block out the scene.
  • You can copy displacements instead of using the Add displacement. Used with the various snap modes, you can place them fairly easy by drag/copy and snapping.
  • To make it easier to move displacements (that have been sculpted), click on the Move Mode button.
  • When moving a displacement where the corner should line up to a grid point, Turn on Snaps and turn on the Grid snapping AND the vertex snapping... then you can move a displacement from its corner vertex to a grid point (or another vertex).

I do plan on adding a couple functions in the future:

  • Ability to create displacements from brush sides (like in Hammer)
  • Ability to draw a displacement out like you would with a Plane primitive

Both are on my TODO list.


Thanks for your response. I'll try out what you suggested and see what results I get.

I know you are working hard on the texturing right now. So this can wait a while if need be.



There is a new version of WW today. It will allow you to convert Planes to displacements:

  • Create your Planes.
  • Make sure all have equal length segments and width segments.
  • Make sure the length segments and width segments are set to 4, 8 or 16!
  • Open Anvil.
  • Select the Planes you want to convert.
  • In Anvil press the Convert Planes button.


Here is a new video demonstrating various tips and techniques for Anvil 3.31 (which I loaded this morning).

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