Started by Infidel, March 08, 2011, 07:04:52 AM

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As I am not rich enough to own a copy of Max nor rich enough to afford commuting to a friend's to use his... I was wondering if anyone knew of places I can get models from. I treid Top Hat Waffles models but they crash my Hammer every time.


*Bringing back a dead thread*

When you wanted models, what kind of models are looking for, and for what purpose/game??


Holy Cow!
That was a ressurection of an old post!! :P

Yeah I had forgot about that.... ummm... I have a copy of Max now and am trying to build my own. This results in a lot more of tossing the computer out the window than it does in building models but thats just me.

I was looking for models usable in Source, specifically in CS: Source maps. I was looking for military gear/ vehicles. Trees/Plants/Vegetation. And just about anything else along those lines, but as I said I am now looking to fill this void on my own as sort of a goal.


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