No $bodygroup blank unless index is set to 1?

Started by WormSlayer, August 27, 2018, 03:25:17 PM

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I'm trying to set up some bodygroups that should have a blank state they can switch to, but it seems that if I set the Blank Index on the BodyGroup helper to anything other than 1, the resulting .qc file just has no blank line in that bodygroup?


Welcome to the WW forums WormSlayer :) Nice name. I used to use that same name years ago when playing BF2142 and secretly targeting my friends :)

That does seem like a bug. I will look into it this evening.


Haha thanks :D

Just messing with it a bit more, and it seems that if there are multiple BodyGroup meshes, the blank index can be set to anything, but if there is only one mesh, the blank doesnt get added if the index is set to 2.


I have updated WWMT. If you update to the latest version, this bug should go away. Thanks for reporting.

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