Started by Infidel, March 18, 2011, 10:27:31 PM

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2142? No thanks guys. I'm good....
No seriously, guys I'm good! I have CS: Source, and Hammer and.. NO I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER GAME TO PLAY.
Seriously... you did that?
Alright fine. I'll give it a shot.

No I think it sucks. It wasn't fun at all.. it just doesn't feel right...
Yeah, I'll hold out... I'll give it chance with the rest of you dilapidated homos...

HOLY COW!! That was freaking AWESOME!! When does Thursday come around again?

A week? Really? Ghey.....

Moral of story? Peer pressure leads to addictions....


I thought 2142 was a great game and the only reason i learned about was because i played bf2. but now its BF3!


Yes it sux that EA doesn't care about it's customers after they get that first round of cash. It kind of blows. It was a fun game but the available servers started to suffer greatly and now it's BF3 and I just don't think I wish to invest in a company that doesn't want to maintain their products for the enjoyment of those that buy them.

So in the end I'll stay put with CS: Source and GO when I can get it. That will be fine for me. Plus now I am learning Max at the gun barrel backed pressure of the wallworm himself. So it's not like I have time to get into anything new anyways.


I completely agree EA sucks. However I tolerate them(origin -.-) for Battlefield 3.

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