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Started by warmeup, October 14, 2018, 06:40:51 AM

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Hey guys!

It has been a while. How's everyone?
During the last few years, I got really busy in finishing university, and finding a job.
I gained a lot of experience when it comes to game development and game design using unity during the last 2 years.
Now that I settled a bit, I would like to dedicate my free-time going back to the good ol source engine.
I would like to create few new unique game modes, and design assets for them using wallworm.
I will be more active here, so see you around guys!


Sounds great. I look forward to what you make. Shall we see you doing the levels inside Max instead of Hammer? A lot of new tools have been added since you went AWOL :)

Joris Ceoen

That sounds very interesting! I will gladly follow your progressions  ;) if you ever need any help, you can always join us in the WW Discord channel!


Thank you so much! I will keep you posted.

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