[v3.912] Breakable props clone if physicsmode is 3

Started by NG, March 04, 2019, 03:12:14 AM

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using csgo, setting a breakable prop_physics_multiplayer to Non-Solid, Client-side will create a duplicate.

Also, can we get a button to align the collmesh pivot with the model pivot?


Thanks for the info and the suggestion. I will look into both.


I have added a function to align pivot in the next update to WW which should come out soon.

I have also added a fix for seeing duplicate entities in next update. The quick fix, however (until I post the update), is to do this before exporting the VMF. Before clicking the export VMF button, click the Reclassify Scene Nodes (Fixes Items Skipped in Export) button below the button to export the VMF. The problem is that some actions/functions in WW will incorrectly classify an object that has already been classified -- causing the scene manager to think there are more instances of an object than should be. Reclassifying a scene will fix this.

Hint: If you Right-Click the Export Scene as Game Level button, it will also reclassify the scene before exporting.

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