Missing Instance models .maxc file ?

Started by lauris47, October 04, 2021, 08:30:27 AM

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I am trying to import custom map, I have original models in folders, but they are not imported. The "Import Missing Models from QC" and "Instances" are ticked, but instead of importing these models, I get notification to save .maxc files instead.
I never experienced this before.

If this fails and there is no workaround, is it possible to import models manually, based on instance id (keeping good transforms of each model in map)?

Thank you.


What version of Max are you using? In latest versions of Max, you should not be using the import from QC option because WW can natively load MDL files. If WW is properly configured for your game, and the MDL/VMT/VTF files exist in your game paths, WW will load them directly in Max.


Also, as a note, the instances option refers to func_instance entities and not the models.


I am using 3dsMax 2020, with latest Wall Worm Version: 5.0.96 plugin.
The map: is Red Bull Flick - Wing 5: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2433687832

And yes,  I was also referring to func_instance

I tried going trough all notifications of saving .maxc files when Instances is marked. but eventually it goes to an error.


I reinstalled 3ds Max and now it works!

The next problem I have, which I also never had is that instance models are not exported into fbx.
The waring on export is: "The plug-in does not supported XRef scenes. The following XRef scenes will be lost"


Sorry I did not respond sooner.

When it comes to exporting FBX, there are many limitations. You will have to merge xrefs into the current scene before saving as FBX.

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