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Started by Sir Irk, November 30, 2013, 12:01:42 AM

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Sir Irk

Constructive criticism is encouraged. I'm still a novice.

I've had to start fresh on a new pc due to a power supply issue on my old one(I took the opportunity to upgrade a few parts alongside). Unfortunately, the bad power supply seems to have corrupted much of the data on the hard drive. I only had a few things backed up. I'll definitely be backing up my work from now on ;D. Fortunately it was mostly learning material anyways.

I'm working on a new map for left 4 dead 2 that starts in the subway and leads to street level. Nothing original but I feel like it's a good theme for learning left 4 dead 2 navigation and game style. I can use Valve's maps for an example of how things should flow and then add my own flavor to it.  I'm working primarily on the navigation mesh and layout at the moment but I took a little break from that to make a prop for the map.

I have the model, collision mesh and physics done. I'm going to make 2 additional skins to provide some variety.

edit: Additional info. Right now it's at 400 tris. I may knock that down a bit starting with the bottom cap. The trash bag's folds are done with normal mapping to keep the poly count low.

Model Viewer

Trash view.

Ingame. Note this picture is in cs:go. This is because I was having issues getting the phong shader to work in l4d2 at the time.


Nice job. The texturing looks nice! Share the shots of the skins when you get them done too.

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