Train Tracks

Started by Sir Irk, December 03, 2013, 08:25:05 AM

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Sir Irk

I decided to make the train tracks for my level today. I made it a pretty small piece so that I could add detail in a relatively small amount of time. Because of this it's less efficient since I'm using about 50 copies of it. This model is finished but I may design another one that saves more on texture memory and spans a longer distance. I did at least establish the style I wanted.

Model viewer. 316 Tris.

Physics Model

UV layout. Primarily photosourced.

Thanks for looking.


Excellent! The texturing is nice.

Thanks sharing your progress. It always makes me feel good when people share their work. It helps reinforce the value of sharing the tools.

Keep on sharing :)

Sir Irk

Thanks for providing so many great tools! I've been looking through your level designing tools and am quite enticed. Is it easy/possible to import a hammer map into 3ds Max? I've been getting tired of hammer. Now that I'm comfortable with 3ds max's ui it doesn't make sense to me to use hammer.


Yes, you can bring in Hammer levels. See the VMF importer docs.

Sir Irk

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