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General Discussion / Re: Active Again
October 20, 2018, 04:10:56 AM
Thank you so much! I will keep you posted.
General Discussion / Active Again
October 14, 2018, 06:40:51 AM
Hey guys!

It has been a while. How's everyone?
During the last few years, I got really busy in finishing university, and finding a job.
I gained a lot of experience when it comes to game development and game design using unity during the last 2 years.
Now that I settled a bit, I would like to dedicate my free-time going back to the good ol source engine.
I would like to create few new unique game modes, and design assets for them using wallworm.
I will be more active here, so see you around guys!
General Discussion / Re: 3ds Max 2017 Warning
February 16, 2017, 01:41:29 PM
Aight. I'm currently using wallworm to export models at the moment. I don't think that I will face the issue while using max 17
Bug Reports / Re: IMPORTANT! Updating scenes to WW 3.0
February 12, 2017, 05:34:56 PM
Wallworm keeps getting better and better. It's amazing!!!  :D :D :D :D
yayy! gives me more time to make a transit rail system ;)
I would like to know if it is possible to make refract materials using wallworm.

I wonder if there is a tutorial showing how i might have missed.


   $normalmap ...
   $dudvmap ...
   $refracttint "[1 1 1]"
   $refractamount .2
Annnnnnnnnnd I just made an entry :D
Good luck everybody, and I hope more people would join.
General Discussion / Re: 3ds Max 2017 Released Today
April 21, 2016, 03:06:30 AM
And yes my internet is really slow :(
General Discussion / Re: 3ds Max 2017 Released Today
April 21, 2016, 03:05:51 AM

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wall Worm News / Re: Big News Coming
April 11, 2016, 09:41:49 AM
yayyyyyyyyyyy, I'm curious to see what it is.

Does it come inside a box? i love unboxing :P
just kidding.
I love it :D
Gratz everyone, i'll see you in the next contest!
Quote from: Joris Ceoen on March 31, 2016, 05:57:01 AM
I actually got the third place xD? Cool, I'll be interested in seeing what RichDirt has in store! I think that's actually the best one of all that I could use for now, I've not been the best in adding dirt and decals to maps so it could help me out tremendously!

As for the license of pro and corvex, would it be possible for me to gift those instead? Perhaps to warmeup who could use a booster for the next contest?

I already purchased most wallworm plugins xD
WIP Levels / Re: gg_futurelobby
March 22, 2016, 01:59:32 PM
I love this style and this type of geometry <3
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