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Started by wallworm, June 15, 2016, 12:59:27 PM

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New plugin by Wall Worm: Delete Faces Modifier. 

Note this modifier requires 3ds Max 2016 SP2+. Version 2 Now works in 3ds Max 2015-2017.


Update today. Converted to a C++ plugin and added support for 3ds Max 2015-2017. Works faster now and includes new options for SmoothingGroups and MaterialIDs:

Smoothing Groups now allow deleting faces matching SG values and these rules:
* Match Any (default and previous) where any SG value found on face deletes the face
* Many All (only deletes faces with all of the SG values)
* Match None (deletes faces that have none of the SG values)

Material ID:
* Has ID (default and previous) where any matching material ID gets deleted
* Does Not Have ID: deletes faces that don't use one of the listed MatIDs

The MAXScript version is still available in the store to download, but must be deleted before installing the new version. Also, the new version has a DLM file and a MAXScript file. Please read the installation instructions as the MS file is needed to add the UI for some of the functions in the modifier.


Very useful tool, I use it permanently.

But very serious bugs:

New version 04/15/2017 Max 2018 and Max 2016 C++ version don't work at all: error on plugin load. Error "Module not found". Tested on win7 and win10. Max 2018 and Max 2016 SP4 EXT2. Scripted version works fine, but don't work after Sweep modifier on Max 2018.

So I use only previous C++ version on win7 and win10. Max 2016 SP4 EXT2:

1. Plugin delete polygons, but isolated vertices stays. Scripted version do this.

2. On complex geometry with "selected poly"=on and "by polygon"=on some tris remain undeleted.

3. After stack collapse "delete poly rollout" stays under edit poly rollouts.

It is possible to fix this?


Thank you for reporting. I will test and see why they are no working. The files I am using are working fine, so it's possible the version uploaded to the store is bad.

I would not suggest using the scripted version at all if you plan on using the C++ version as I've learned that they are not compatible and I inappropriately gave them the same classID. So opening the same scene with different plugin created than the version running in Max can cause an issue. I'd only use the MAXSCRIPT  in older Max that C++ wasn't compiled for.


EDIT: I meant to say only to use the MAXSCRIPT version in versions of Max that haven't been compiled to C++ yet. I am looking into the C++ problem.


Version 2.1

   * Added support for Max 2018.
   * Fixed some problems with Delete Faces.
   * Fixed isolated vertices not being deleted.
   * Added button in Custom Attribute to delete the rollout when it persists after the modifier list has been collapsed.


Many thanks for fast response!!!

But still problem with some selected faces and "by polygon"=on

Screenshot. Max 2016 SP4 EXT2 Win10.


OK, I will look at that issue ASAP. I may not have a fix today but will prioritize it.


After reviewing, I could find no issues. I then looked at the image you posted and I'm thinking that there may be some communication error. When using the By Polygon option, every face belonging to the same polygon as the selected face will be deleted. That means that if one face of a polygon is selected, all faces will be deleted. The screen shot looks to be working as expected.

Could you explain to my what you intended for the By Polygon to be and how it isn't working as you'd expect? If you just want the face and not the entire polygon, just uncheck the By Polygon option. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your issue?


Its may be the bad angle of the taken screenshot. Its look like the the wohle polygon be deleted, but its not.

95% of polygons are deleted with this method correctly, bot only some not. This screenshot shows this fall.


the max scene

I try to delete the whole polygon with only one face selected.


Thanks for the scene.

I updated the plugin and it will no longer skip faces when using By Polygon. You can download the update in the WW Store.


Yes, now its work perfect!

I'm use this case to delete border row: STL-Check->open edges->select faces.

Parametric modelling with this modifier its so powerful! Thanks so match!


Glad you like it. Please consider sharing your view as a review on the WW store and/or over on ScriptSpot.


May be, if possible, to have in the next release nice future "Don't delete - select faces only". As a sample: next modifier in stack "face extrude".

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